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Personal readings are pre-recorded energy check-ins with intuitive guidance.

  • I do not need to see you in order to read your energy.

  • Pre-recorded Personal Readings are approximately 10-15 minutes in length.

  • You may ask 1, maybe 2, questions during the booking process.

  • Your reading occurs as close to the booked time as possible in my home 😊

  • You will be emailed a link to an unlisted YouTube video of your reading on the same day, depending on the uploading time.

How I perform readings:

I use a traditional tarot spread and the original Rider Waite tarot deck to get an overview of your energy or your issue and will describe the meanings of each card. I then allow any intuitive guidance to come through via clairaudience and claircognizance. I will also pull from additional decks and oracle cards to clarify and offer guidance around the energy and any obstacles that come through.  

Cost: USD $22.00


Personal Readings and are for entertainment purposes only.


Personal Readings are to guide you to understand the energy currently surrounding you. You will be given information based on the energy that wants to present itself.


I will not read in relation to Medical Issues, Death, Illness, Pregnancy, Financial Investments, or Legal Matters. If you feel you need medical or legal help, please contact the appropriate advisor.


You alone are energetically and legally accountable for your actions and life choices. You have free will and I am not liable for what you choose to do with the information presented.


Refunds MUST be requested BEFORE the reading is performed. Otherwise, all sales are final.



For longer readings, you may ask for intuitive guidance to be included within a one-on-one life coaching session

It is my personal belief that we all have intuitive gifts. Tarot and other tools used for divination can offer reassurance and are a great way to provide validation of what you already know, deep within.


I see too many people give over their personal power to these tools when, in truth, it is up to you to take action, work through energetic blockages and empower yourself to achieve your dreams. 

For this reason, I offer energetic check-ins partnered with more traditional and pragmatic life coaching. Life coaching will help you discover your purpose, unblock limiting beliefs and change your mindset to create lasting change!

"I cried. This was amazing, Jessica. Thank you with all my heart. Wow. Just really, really helpful and accurate. That was nuts!"

- Heather A.

"OMG! So on point. So funny, I had a reading the other day and they said the same as you... My fortune will be turned around, so our situation will be better."

- Nichola F.

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If you feel drawn to support my services, I am abundantly grateful for your gifts!