Welcome. I'm Jessica Jensen, and I would love to collaborate with you.


I am an artist, actor, live performer, and certified life coach, offering creative solutions for people seeking purpose in their lives. 


If you've lost your spark, your joie de vivre, you're in the right place!

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My Story

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Not too long ago, I had lost my zest for life. I had overwhelming anxiety, felt misunderstood, and was just going through the motions. I'd previously had a successful online business, but it was running into debt under growing pressure to expand or collapse entirely, all the while dealing with the stress of being a new mom.


I was stuck at my computer most days trying to make ends meet, and my social life was confined to drinking at home with my spouse most weekends. I was going to therapy which validated everything I was feeling, but I wasn't moving forward. 10 years earlier, I'd flown 8000mi to Los Angeles to live my dream as an actor and performing artist - I wasn't doing that.

My former business did eventually collapse and so did my marriage. I was starting over, bad credit, no car, and $40,000 in debt. I'd even considered bankruptcy.


In the void, I reconnected to things I loved doing as a child. Listening to music, losing myself in art and writing, watching films, and recreating scenes. It was here I started to find myself again. I read and became heavily invested in my own self-development. Once I regained my confidence as an independent woman, I found my place. Not only in terms of a home to live in, but my place as a whole and authentic soul, worthy of taking up space and being heard.


I couldn't wait to share my story with the world - with YOU!

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I didn't become certified as a life coach because I wanted to "be a coach" (necessarily). I became a coach because I wanted to help people like you overcome some of the obstacles I faced on my own journey of healing and self-discovery.


My purpose is to live a life full of creation, joy, and storytelling; to help others overcome their limiting beliefs, discover a new way of looking at their life, and unearth their own purpose.

Let's hit the ground running. I can't wait to see you become the best, most authentic, version of yourself!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

IG @jessicamayjensen