"Wow! Everything you've said completely resonates with me. One reason I have been looking for a Reiki healing is because I have felt so blocked in my solar plexus and my connection to my spirit guides and higher self has been like bad cell service as of late. 


One way I have tried to find grounding and expansion has been by doing yoga again and I have been feeling the urge to just move my body but I haven't been doing so consistently. I feel that this session confirms what my guides and higher self have been trying to direct me to do and I intend to focus more time and intention into doing so. 


I have also been working to connect with my guides and higher self through tarot and my pendulum but I have felt so blocked that the pendulum won't even move and my tarot feels awkward and foreign in my hands. The last few days were the first times I have had a clear reading in what feels like forever and it is such a gratifying feeling to communicate again. 


I have been struggling to grasp my purpose. I've know it is in helping others but I am still figuring out how I can best express it and you saying "healing" sparks something for me. I'm going to sit and meditate on that and see what comes to me. 


I can't possibly say how thankful I am for this experience. I have been feeling so stuck, and it feels like you have opened a door in the wall that's been blocking me. 


Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your gifts with me."

Bec E.

"When I first started my sessions with Jessica I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know the next 6 weeks would be a profound journey.


I was feeling stuck for so long I didn’t think I could know what it was like to be unstuck.

Since taking part in this coaching program I have experienced bursts of motivation and inspiration which have led me to prioritize more creative time and in doing so I have become more productive in many aspects of my life.


I am discovering new passions and interests, enjoying more of my daily life, and will be forever grateful to Coach Jessica Jensen for guiding me to my own path of healing and self-discovery."

Kendra E.

"I found Jessica at a time in my life where I was feeling defeated. I had a chronic injury and was also working through substance abuse.


I was seeking medical assistance and attending programs to help in those areas, but I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.


I needed a serious change!


Before meeting Jessica, I thought I would never dance again - a lifelong passion of mine. She helped me identify my self-limiting beliefs and I now feel confident in getting back to the barre.


Life coaching always seemed expensive to me, but I never would have been able to read through the amount of invaluable information Jessica provided in such a clear and concise manner. She was like a Sherpa guiding me on my journey of self-discovery.


I am more confident in my sobriety today and have developed a lot of positive micro-habits. I feel like I'm working towards my goals.


I would highly recommend her coaching if you're in a rut!"

Heather A.

"I cried. This was amazing, Jessica.

Thank you with all my heart. Wow.

Just really, really helpful and accurate.

That was nuts!"